Tuesday, January 27, 2009

As Long As the Rivers Flow: The Stories of Nine Native Americans

As Long As the Rivers Flow: The Stories of Nine Native Americans

Written by: Paula Gunn Allen and Patricia Clark Smith

Junior High and High School Grades

"Allen and Smith profile nine individuals of Native American or Native American/white backgrounds from the 17th century to the present. Most were raised in American Indian communities, but several were members of families that distanced themselves from Native American culture. Geronimo, Will Rogers, Maria Tallchief, Wilma Mankiller, Michael Naranjo, and Louise Erdrich are among the figures included. The authors believe that identification as Native Americans has enriched the lives of their subjects and enabled most to succeed, in spite of the fact that many had to overcome prejudice to do so. A wide variety of experience is contained in this narrative, and the biographical sketches fill in gaps in American history. Writing from a Native American perspective, the authors express pride and passion in their heritage. Their commitment and fluent prose will involve readers of all backgrounds. A black-and-white photo or drawing of each subject is included."

School Library Journal Review

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