Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yummi and Halmoni's Trip

Yummi and Halmoni's Trip

Written by: Sook Nyul Choi
Illustrated by: Karen Dugan

Elementary Grades

"Yunmi's grandmother went to New York City to take care of her while her parents worked, and charmed Yunmi's classmates during a class trip. Now Halmoni is taking the girl back to Korea for a memorial celebration of her late husband's birthday, and it is Yunmi's turn to feel like an outsider. Halmoni, who was so isolated and lonely in New York, is greeted by a large and loving family. Even her cat and dog welcome her back. Yunmi's cousins act as tour guides to the sights of Seoul, and the girl helps prepare Korean dumplings for the picnic at Grandfather's grave. At the memorial, worries overwhelm her. Halmoni seems so happy here that she may not want to return to New York. Not surprisingly, the woman reassures her American granddaughter, "We're lucky because we both have two families." This gentle, predictable story is more an introduction to Korean customs than a plot-driven narrative. Realistic illustrations of Yunmi's family, framed with borders suggesting Korean fabric design, add greatly to the book's appeal. Dugan's carefully composed paintings, glowing with color, convey the warm affection between granddaughter and grandmother."

School Library Journal Review

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