Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Boy Who Painted Dragons

The Boy Who Painted Dragons

Written and illustrated by: Demi

Elementary Grades

"The dragons are playing in heaven, riding clouds and creating things such as "thunder and lightning, flying comets…sparkling northern lights," and rain. They also look for "pearls of heavenly wisdom" that are concealed in the clouds. One day, they peer through a hole in the heavens to Earth where they spy on a boy named Ping. Although he is terrified of dragons, he keeps his feelings secret and paints elaborate pictures of the creatures. Flattered, the Heavenly Dragon visits him and—quickly realizing that the boy paints these images out of fear—promises him three treasures if he can earn them. The pearls of wisdom read "Seek Your Truth," "Find Your Truth," and "Dare to Be True." In order to attain them, Ping must overcome his apprehensions by visiting four elemental dragons: Water Dragon, Fire Dragon, Earth Dragon, and Wind Dragon. Each page contains paintings of gilt-colored creatures and swatches of delicate Chinese silk brocade."

School Library Journal Review

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