Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blue Jasmine

Blue Jasmine

Written by: Kashmira Sheth

Upper Elementary and Junior High Grades

"When 12-year-old Seema, her sister, and parents leave India for Iowa City, she is surprised to receive a farewell gift from Mukta, a poor classmate. In the U.S. Seema makes friends but she struggles not only with American English and customs but also with Carrie, a classmate who mocks her. As Seema copes with Carrie, she regretfully recalls how her classmates had made fun of Mukta. A serious family illness pulls Seema's family back to India for a short stay and a chance to visit Mukta. Returning home to Iowa City, Seema realizes, "like an airplane attached to two shimmering wings, I was attached to two precious homes." Filled with details that document an immigrant's observations and experiences, Seema's story, which articulates the ache for distant home and family, will resonate with fellow immigrants and enlighten their classmates. A glossary of terms and expressions is appended, but most of the Gujarati words can be understood in context."

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